A day in Langhe - Barolo Valley

A day in Langhe - Barolo Valley
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Have only 24 hours to spend in Langhe and don’t know where to start? 

This article will guide you through an itinerary of the most authentic and unmissable towns, restaurants, wine bars and wineries in this picturesque and beautiful land. 

Starting from Alba, the city of a 100 towers. As its nickname suggests, Alba's many towers were built for defensive purposes in its past. From Piazza Duomo you can see Torre Bonino, Torre Astesiano and Torre Sineo. 

Piazza Risorgimento and its gothic Cathedral of San Lorenzo is the main square of Alba. On Saturdays, the Piazza and the whole downtown hosts the local market. 

If you want to buy some good truffles to take home with you as well as local products don’t miss Éleat Tartufi, a shop owned by Giulia and Alex. 

Also, be sure to have a coffee at one of the many cafes in piazza Ferrero that has been recently renovated.

You can see a new sculpture there, a 12 meters baby girl named Alba by Valerio Berruti now symbol of the city. 

After a walk in the city center jump in the car and drive towards La Morra, the highest point in the low Langa. (513 km above the sea level). The drive itself is beautiful, and I’m sure you’ll may pit stops to take pictures before arriving at your destination.

On the way, don't miss the Barolo Chapel. This cute colorful church was built in 1914 and in 1999 has been reinterpretate by a contemporary artist, David Tremlett, who gave to the Chapel a totally different look. A selfie here is a must! 

Keep heading towards La Morra and have a walk in the town. It is beautiful and from the Belvedere there is an incredible view of the Barolo vineyards.

If you think you are ready for another stop then More e Macine is the place for you! 

For aperitivo on the terrace or lunch - for me, they have the best battuta di Fassona al coltello and their wine list is amazing! 

If you want to skip lunch for now and see more then drive down to Barolo. The famous town has its own namesake wine, considered to be the best vino in all Italy. Stroll the town, visit the castle and stop by the "Enoteca regionale del Barolo" where you can buy over 120 Barolo labels from different vintages and producers.

There, you can also taste many wines and learn more about this famous vino. 

If after all these wines you start to feel hungry, I suggest you go grab lunch at “Petti’t bistrot”, where you can have great local food in a friendly environment, just few steps from the castle! 

One of the towns I love the most, though, is Serralunga d’Alba which is a 15 minutes drive from Barolo on top of the hill. 

And if you love castles then I suggest you to visit the Serralunga castle. It is one of the most well preserved castles in Piemonte and it is gorgeous! 

After that, a nice aperitivo in one of the most famous vinoteca in the region “Vinoteca Centro Storico”, and to close the day at its best, have dinner at “Tre case”, whose chef, Marco, is the most passionate chefs I have ever known (and the restaurant is very cute)! 

And if you are tired after this day you can rest at Casa Viberti. The house is few steps from the restaurant, when you will wake up in the morning, you will be amazed by the view!